Gene editing in translational research



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Genome editing, CRISPR, germline editing, synthetic biology, biotechnology


DNA read and write technologies have accelerated biotechnology at an unprecedented pace. This enhanced capacity to engineer living beings has accelerated not only scientific research, but also the translation into novel therapies. New approved medicinal products include the correction of the diseased genome and synthetic enhancement to fight diseases. These practices are widely supported socially and scientifically. Applications beyond therapy have also be attempted. In 2018, researcher He Jiankui reported on the edition of human germline during the Second International Summit on Human Genome Editing. On the other hand, during the last years, there have also been attempts at somatic genetic enhancement without the provision of detailed outcomes. Reading and writing DNA empowers us to change our world, even ourselves. The social benefits may be enormous. We need to accelerate the debate, including the stakeholders, to foster a responsible use of these technologies and maximize the positive impact on society.


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