• Paper submission - closed


    The reception of proposals for 2024 will be open in November and December 2023. 

    • All the authors receive notification of receipt of the work during November and December. 
    • All the manuscripts are initialy evaluated by the editors. Authors of manuscripts rejected at this stage will be informed on January.
    • At least 2 external referees are selected for each paper, according to their expertice, and evaluate the manuscript following a complete report. Language correction is not part of the peer review process.
    • Final report to accept or reject the manuscript will be sent to the author no longer than 6 months after its reception. If changes are requested, the author must confirm if he/she is willing and in a position to make them. If there is no reply or the reply takes more than one month, the journal will consider that the changes are not accepted and the article will therefore be considered rejected.
    • DER will not edit submitted manuscripts for style or language, it is authors' responsibility. Also, reviewers may advise non acceptance of a manuscript if there are an unacceptable number of grammatical errors.
    • Editors are responsible for the final decision to accept of reject the article and reserve the right to publish the contributions in the issue which they consider most appropriate.

    Editorial Board

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