Distribution of Feedback among Teacher and Students in Online Collaborative Learning in Small Groups


  • César Coll Universitat de Barcelona
  • María José Rochera Universidad de Barcelona (UB)
  • Inés de Gispert Universidad de Barcelona (UB)
  • Frida Diaz Barriga Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México




e-feedback, feedback distibuido, feedback formativo


This study explores the characteristics and distribution of the feedback provided by the participants (a teacher and her students) in an activity organized inside a collaborative online learning environment. We analyse 853 submissions made by two groups of graduate students and their teacher (N1= 629 & N2=224) involved in the collaborative development of a rubric for evaluating teaching skills using the Knowledge Forum platform. The results show that the feedback is distributed among participants (a teacher and her students), although there are important differences in the way in which this distribution occurs. The results also show that both the teacher and some of the students are able to provide verification and elaboration feedback on the learning content, the academic task at hand, and social participation. This feedback is useful for processes of knowledge construction, though significant differences are observed in the ways in which it is provided. Finally, the results show the importance of the temporal dimension for understanding how, when and for what purpose the teacher and students provide feedback to the other participants.