Comparison of users' adoption and use cases of Facebook and their academic procrastination

Yusuf Şahin


Academic procrastination is one of the many types of postponing behaviors which almost every person demonstrates from time to time. One of the sources of academic procrastination, which can be expressed as postponing academic-based works to another time without a particular reason, is replacing the work to be done with pleasurable activities such as the internet use. The aim of this study is to compare the adoption and use cases of online social networks which are accessible via the internet and used quite intensively, and academic procrastination behaviors of Facebook users. In this context, the data acquired from 715 Facebook users were analyzed through SPSS 15 software. It was found out that people who use Facebook in accordance with their social relations have higher tendency for academic procrastination than people who use it for daily purposes, furthermore, people who use Facebook for academic purposes do not have a tendency for academic procrastination as a result of the statistical analysis conducted. Another output is that users with high level of adoption of Facebook have more tendency for academic procrastination than users with medium and low level of adoption of Facebook.


Social networks, Facebook, academic procrastination.

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