No. 12 (2023): Saramago and trans-Iberism

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Víctor Martínez-Gil (issue ed.)

Volume 12 of Abriu, journal of Galician and Portuguese Studies of the University of Barcelona opens with a monograph dedicated to "Saramago and transiberism" where four articles are presented that analyze the meaning of Iberism in Saramago's work and the evolution of his political thought towards the concept of transiberism. The "Miscelánea" includes six works in which there is a predominance of analyses of the reception of authors such as Jorge Amado in Africa, Galician women poets through criticism and Galician theater in Buenos Aires, or themes such as Portuguese national myths in Brazil. There are also studies on Carolina Maria de Jesús, Manuel Rivas and Xesús Fraga. In the "Open Space" there are tributes to professors Basilio Losada and Allan Freeland, together with a presentation of the Nélida Piñón library. The reviews are dedicated to overviews of Luso-African and contemporary Brazilian literature, cultural networks and a new reading of Saramago.

Published: 2023-10-17