State Intervention in the Food Industry during the Franco Period (1939-1975)


  • Carlos Barciela López Universidad de Alicante
  • Mª Inmaculada López Ortiz Universidad de Alicante
  • Joaquín Melgarejo Moreno Universidad de Alicante



Food Industry, State Intervention, National Institute of Industry (INI), Franco Period


The paper analyses the State intervention in the food industry during the Franco period. Although food industries (companies) were not included on the initial intervention plans of the National Institute of Industry (INI), the Institute finally took part on them. Aspects as starvation and poverty problems, trade balance deficit and the huge foreign presence on the food industry, have been used to justify INI participation in a sector outside of priority activity committed to the Institute. Afterwards, Industrial Authorities became aware of the importance of food industries on the sixties because of the strong growth carried out by them, to a great extent with the help of incoming foreign capital. This industry was turned into a priority sector within the new guidelines of the Industrial Policy, that materialized on a more intense activity of the National Institute of Industry on this area.


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Barciela López, Carlos, Mª Inmaculada López Ortiz, and Joaquín Melgarejo Moreno. 2017. “State Intervention in the Food Industry During the Franco Period (1939-1975)”. Revista De Historia Industrial — Industrial History Review 1 (25):127-62.