From the tree to the bottle: “El Gaitero”, A family business becoming international


  • Joaquín Ocampo Suárez-Valdés



apple, sparkling cider, natural cider, El Gaitero, canned vegetables


Until mid xixth century, natural cider had barely crossed regional boundaries. From then onwards, however, the demand for it following Asturian emigration abroad, being as it was a symbol of cultural identity, and the need to transport it without damage bring about as a result the adoption of the “champagne” method in Asturias. Between 1900 and 1930, twenty Asturian enterprises will be dedicated to its production after the consolidation of American markets, which demand 90% of the total production. The year 1930, given the degree of economic nationalism and the substitution of imports, brought about, however, the return to a national market in which the competition with wine and «cava» would be fierce. Round about 1960 only six enterprises had survived which would have to deal with new challenges: fresh competitors (beer, refreshing drinks) and new habits. It was a new stage marked by quality and difference. With this background in mind, El Gaitero, founded in 1890, symbolizes the singularity of a family enterprise with a view towards the future.