Teaching Tax Law in Europe


  • Adriano Di Pietro Università di Bologna



Palabras clave:

Tax Law, Europe, Bolonia, north- south.


The article analyzes the development undergone by the Tax Taw and the differences in teaching it in European universities.

Thus it addresses the growing importance of case law as opposed to the increasingly less effective codes, caused not only by the rapid succession of national legislation but also by the introduction of European regulation.

It includes especially the division of Europe in terms of teaching Tax Law in the university curriculum, focused on Southern Europe from a theoretical point of view and the preparation of judicial personnel and the North from a practical point of view and consultancy and business.

Biografía del autor/a

Adriano Di Pietro, Università di Bologna

Professore ordinario
Dipartimento Sociologia e Diritto dell'Economia
Università di Bologna
Direttore Scuola Europea di Alti Studi Tributari




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