Consideraciones sobre el lugar “Glòries” de Barcelona

Miquel Domingo i Clota


The so called Plaza de las “Glòries”, was already provided in the Plan de Ensanche de Barcelona. It continues exerting a leading role in the history of City. The reason is, partly, because the various historical growing periods, its dynamics and the successive modifications of use along the time. Initially, the idea of “Plaza” determinate the use of site as the future center of city, but because the years elapsed with none intervention and its permanent emptiness, the site was occupied by numerous networks of transport and other unexpected activities.

In our paper, we will analyze if the new interventions foreseen in the actual winner project are cohesive with the adjacent urban tissues. Our study is based by the reactions, both positives and negatives, from the future users. To know its causes will prevent many doubts and it will enable other future alternatives.

Palabras clave

Ensanche; barrera; discontinuidad urbana; ferrocarril; tráfico; marginalidad; zona verde; “Glòries”

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