Learning in the Classroom: Telling and Creating Digital Storytelling


  • Gloria Londoño Monroy Universitat de Barcelona (UB)




Digital Storytelling, Digital Stories, Personal Narrative, Student-centered Learning, Project Learning, Teaching Methodology, High school.


This paper presents a qualitative research from an interpretive and participatory vision. It analyzes five cases developed between 2008 and 2011 with students of secondary school in Catalonia, Spain, for: (a) describe and understand the process and the resulting products' characteristics, conditions and limitations of use and educational benefits that it can offer when the Digital Storytelling are made as practical projects in formal learning; and (b) to design, implement and improve a teaching methodology to guide their use in teaching-learning studentcentered. It explains: the theoretical foundations that guide the inquiry and the methodological approach employed (Design-based Research and Case Studies of instrumental and multiple type); activities designed and implemented and some relevant results, considering that these cases included representatives of the three types of existing classrooms in the High school in Catalonia (Spain): regular, reception and open classrooms. It aims to contribute to the knowledge of the relationship between personal digital storytelling and education and facilitate and promote the use in the classroom of both, the expressions, experiences and visions of people who are learning, and the possibilities of multimedia and multimodality offered by Information and Communication Technologies.

Author Biography

Gloria Londoño Monroy, Universitat de Barcelona (UB)

Comunicadora Social-Periodista, Máster en Comunicación  y Educación, Doctoranda Universitat de Barcelona (Departament de Teoria i Història de l'Educació, programa Multimèdia Educatiu), miembro colaborador Grupo de Investigación Enseñanza y Aprendizaje Virtual (GREAV) de la UB.