The Educative Use of Personal Digital Storytelling as tool for thinking on my-Self


  • Miguel Herreros Navarro Universidad de Barcelona (UB)



Personal Digital Storytelling, Self, Narrative identity.


From the experience accumulated during three years of working with digital storytelling in the classroom and relying on the classical narrative theory, in the filmic narrative, in the memory processes, in the cognitive processes and in the psychological processes, the personal digital storytelling is presented as a tool with which students reflect on their personal identity. This process of self-reflection is articulated around two moments, namely: the construction of the story by the student and the reception of it by the class. It is shown how the creation process involves the structuring of the self around a narrative identity and not a essential identity. And it is pointed out that the reception of the others digital storytelling suppose an experience that allows students to restructurate their mental schemata and to live emotions in a vicarious way.

Author Biography

Miguel Herreros Navarro, Universidad de Barcelona (UB)

Licenciado en Filosofía, Master en EAED, miembro del GREAV, investigador en formación.