Experience in the assessment of students online courses: variability or concordance between tutors?

Irma Jiménez Galván, E.Raúl Ponce Rosas, Arnulfo Irigoyen Coria, Silvia Landgrave Ibáñez, Laura Baillet Esquivel, Tomás Chapa Luque


The objective was to determine the degree of variation and / or agreement in the scores of students in an online  course. Were analyzed21scores of 382activities of19 students. Significant differences (p<0.0001) between the ratings issued by teachers attributed to the type of activities, complexity, depth, specificity and lack of evaluation criteria. In online  education is necessary to use rubrics for the evaluation is objective, clear and precise.



Assessment; Online education; Blended learning; Family medicine; Graduate

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1344/der.2014.25.51-63


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