Search, Selection, and Management of Academic Information in Digital Natives: Few Surprises and Great Educational Challenges


  • Renata Rodrigues Universidad Centroamericana



Information Competencies, Information Literacy, Higher Education, Digital Natives.


The article presents the results of a study that aimed to identify university students’ use, habits, and basic knowledge for the search, management, and communication of academic information. Possible relations between some of these variables were also explored. A questionnaire was applied to examine the way students perceive their own capacities, as well as their basic knowledge in relation to bibliographic management. The results show that students do not define any searching strategies, and they posses scarce knowledge about where and how to look for reliable scientific information. They consider the capacity to communicate and disseminate information as very important, while they acknowledge their deficiencies in the handling of information. It was also made evident that their practice for searching and evaluating academic documentation is not so strategic or reflexive. In sum, the study confirms the importance of implementing a systematic and creative program for the development of information competencies, which must encompass different modalities and include the active participation of the faculty.





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