A view of How Education Works





pedagogical design, Education, Technology, Educational cooperation, Teaching methods


J. Dron's 'How education works: teaching, technology, and technique' is a significant contribution to the educational literature that centers on the multifaceted realm of teaching with technology. Adopting an autobiographical narrative, the author brings to the fore his rich experiences in instructional design and technology-mediated education. This work critically examines the dynamic interactions among the pedagogical methods, tools, and various actors in the educational environment. The book emphasizes the necessity for co-participation and flexibility in educational systems, while acknowledging the intricate challenges posed by learner diversity. Through the lens of a seasoned educator, it serves as a mirror for readers to reflect on their pedagogical practices, invites introspective meditation on teaching methodologies, and provides a platform for discussing common obstacles in technology-enhanced learning landscapes. This review endorses Dron's book as an essential read for educators, instructional designers, and scholars interested in the complexities and evolutions of educational technology and its impact on instructional strategies.


Dron, J. (2023). How education works: teaching, technology, and technique. https://doi.org/10.15215/aupress/9781771993838.01