La tercera mano: reescrituras de la escena psicoanalítica


  • Mireille Calle-Gruber Université de Paris 8


Looking at two texts by H. Cixous, Portrait de Dora (a play where Cixous re-writes Freud’s “Dora case” and gives voice to a young woman silenced by the institutional psychoanalytic discourse and Le troisième corps (itself a rewriting of Jensen’s Gradiva and Freud’s text about this play), this article shows the particular mechanisms of reading and (re)writing in h. Cixous. Going beyond intertextuality, cixous combines the signifiers to make “the unexpected” appear in her own text, following the principle of “reading-writing” as two simultaneous and complementary activities. So her writing inaugurates a new narrative genre, which advances metaphors, without any argumental pretext. Moreover, her autobiographical writing includes mythical and biblical passages that constitute her own “myths of the origin”.




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Calle-Gruber, M. 2010. La tercera mano: reescrituras de la escena psicoanalítica. Lectora: revista de dones i textualitat. 8 (Jul. 2010), 49–60.