La violencia doméstica


  • Leonor Mª Cantera Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona


Violence against women in couple relationships has a long history of gestation, development, justification and concealment. Recently, the topic is approached as a emprivate affair/em and receives relevance as a emsocial problem/em to be comprehended and prevented. In this work, we mention some current myths that make the understanding of the problem more difficult, we describe the descriptive model of the emcycle of violence/em, we consider the scope and the limits of this model and we propose an alternative point of view, inspired in the orientation of the social community psychology, which associates gender violence with social violence and which represents the victim of domestic violence not as a helplessness person, caught in an unavoidable situation, but as someone able to break its vicious circle if he or she believes in the viability and desirability of change and he or she receives social resources to achieve this goal.




Com citar

Cantera, L.M. 2010. La violencia doméstica. Lectora: revista de dones i textualitat. 8 (Jul. 2010), 71–77.