La violència de gènere, segons la psicoanàlisi


  • Miquel Bassols Escola Lacaniana de Psicoanàlisi


Concepts such as “gender” and “violence” must be interrogated by Lacanian psychoanalysis. Violence is not a natural drive in human beings but the product of the symbolic order and its segregation of a real object. The Lacanian concept of jouissance introduces new ethical consequences: there are different forms of jouissance; none of them is more truthful than another. For psychoanalysis the issue is not about genders, but about the sexual positions of the subject. In this sense, one should speak of the Phallic position and the Not-All position – beyond phallic logics. The so-called gender violence can be interpreted as an attempt by the Phallic position to segregate the Not-All from universal discourse. The only “therapeutics” against segregating violence is desire in so much as it is the desire of the Other.




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Bassols, M. 2010. La violència de gènere, segons la psicoanàlisi. Lectora: revista de dones i textualitat. 8 (Jul. 2010), 79–85.