Crònica d'un equívoc: la construcció d'una identitat femenina en les notícies sobre maltractaments


  • Eulàlia Lledó


The article deals with the construction of a determined and stereotypical female identity in the news on battered women. Form and content of news are analysed to draw how women are represented in written news and reports on battered women and gender violence: how women are valued. This research on battered women is based upon an exhaustive examination of news, reports and articles on gender violence which appeared for a year and a half in the main Spanish newspapers.




Com citar

Lledó, E. 2010. Crònica d’un equívoc: la construcció d’una identitat femenina en les notícies sobre maltractaments. Lectora: revista de dones i textualitat. 8 (Jul. 2010), 87–97.