La violència contra les dones a l'obra de Víctor Català i d'Aurora Bertrana


  • Francesca Bartrina Universitat de Vic


Violence against women varies across cultures, depending on systems of belief and on how traditional patterns are articulated with new norms, destabilizing some and creating uncertain outcomes in others. Personal forms of violence are amplified and problematic when they are represented in the cultural system. Literary texts, like other forms of representation, deal with gender violence. This article focuses on how Catalan women writers, like Victor Catalagrave; and Aurora Bertrana, make violence against women visible in their writings and in the political implications of their own act of writing.




Com citar

Bartrina, F. 2010. La violència contra les dones a l’obra de Víctor Català i d’Aurora Bertrana. Lectora: revista de dones i textualitat. 8 (Jul. 2010), 99–105.