Pensar el mundo y actuar en el mundo. Del mal radical a la banalidad del mal en el pensamiento de Hannah Arendt


  • Stefania Fantauzzi Universitat de Barcelona (UB)


These pages prove how A Raport on the Banality of Evil forces Arendt to re-think the category of Radical Evil, in which she had based The Origins of Totalitarism. She now has to use a new interpretative criteria, based on the idea of the Banality of Evil, in which the author of a series of criminal acts is not a monster but a person unable to think. The notion of the Banality of Evil rises some discussion around the meaning of conscience, and the will that this meets in the responsibility of the individual, the tool to understand and fight Evil. These questions end up converging in the analysis of a basic moral issue, the judgment, which opens new perspectives on The Life of the Mind.

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Stefania Fantauzzi, Universitat de Barcelona (UB)

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