El cine de las mujeres en México: situando el deseo del sujeto femenino


  • Márgara Millán


Millán argues that Mexican women's cinema of the eighties is similar to the rest of Latin-American cinema in that it also shows a movement towards interiority. She suggests that this movement is seen, for instance, in the films of Marisa Sistach, Busi Cortés and María Novaro. The main aims behind this interiorization are coming to terms with the past (with the past in images, with the past in the history of the country), the acknowledgement of one’s own sensitivity (romanticism recovered in a feminist way), and the emergence of magic realism as denaturalization of women’s world, as a way of making representation visible. Millán suggests that this interiorization runs the risk of neglecting one’s social and historical realities. However, she goes on to suggest that this process of interiorization may perhaps be an essential initial step before denouncing women’s social and historical oppresion.