Mitos femeninos que transformaron la visión cultural


  • Lidia Blanco


Lidia Blanco explains the efforts she repeatedly made to try to find some new feminine “models” that could successfuly do away with stereotypical gendered behaviours and conventions. However, she acknowledges that she did not succeed, or that she only succeeded while looking for them as, at the end of the day, substituting one model for another leads to nothing but to homogeneity and conformism. As she says, “Re-creating, then, one mythology of woman was the same as creating a class of special beings... a new and distant Heaven... in which one should believe and which one should worship”. On the other hand, Blanco talks about the progressively political nature of culture. She ends her article saying that in order to fight for equality, women have often forgotten about her differences and uniqueness. Equality is not to be confused with sameness, Blanco suggests.




Com citar

Blanco, L. 2001. Mitos femeninos que transformaron la visión cultural. Lectora: revista de dones i textualitat. 7 (Jan. 2001), 171–180.