Subversió, transició, tradició: política i subjectivitat a la primera poesia de Maria-Mercè Marçal


  • Josep-Anton Fernàndez


In this article, Fernàndez talks about the political effectiveness of a literature which intents to be subversive, like Marçal´s. Presenting her poetry until 1982, the author discusses three key- points in Marçal´s work: the redefinition of feminine subjectivity, the assumption of maternity and the expression of lesbian love. Marçal was the first author in Catalan history to talk about this kind of love. The writer finds herself in a difficult position, for how can one write without and outside a tradition? She goes through a transition of three stages (from woman to mother to lesbian). Fernàndez shows how, in terms of subjectivity and political effectiveness, this transition has failed, but, on the other hand her poetry is a great succes because it has turned the Catalan tradition around.