Las antologías de mujeres en la poesía catalana (1975-2001)


  • María do Cebreiro Rábade Villar


This paper aims to establish a critical view of the anthologies of women poetry edited in Catalonia from 1975 till 2001. Its main objective is the analysis of the textual configuration of some of the anthologies which vertebrate around the gender criteria. The paper makes visible the main guidelines of the anthologic act for women poetry in Catalan. Its description permits to show the degree of implication and, eventually, the degree of divergence that guided the editors in the process of construction of poetic identities alternative to the hegemonic literary models.




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Rábade Villar, M. do C. 2004. Las antologías de mujeres en la poesía catalana (1975-2001). Lectora: revista de dones i textualitat. 10 (Jan. 2004), 325–336.