Aurora Bertrana: bringing "otherness" home


  • Pilar Godayol Universitat de Vic

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Aurora Bertrana, otherness, travel writing.


“Decidida a viure al preu que sigui” underscores contemporary writer Maria-Antònia Oliver in her prologue to Aurora Bertrana’s fourth book, El Marroc sensual i fanàtic (1936). The urge to travel, to explore the world and to slake her thirst for new experiences shaped much of the personality and the work of this Girona-born writer. Taking her own travels as a starting point, Bertrana distinguished herself in the genre of travel writing on exotic countries, which at that time underwent a significant revival in Catalonia. Bertrana’s originality lies partly in the image of the woman traveller that she consciously cultivated for herself, and partly in the way she narrates her travels. This article seeks to recover this author and make visible her singular way of presenting otherness.




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Godayol, P. 2010. Aurora Bertrana: bringing "otherness" home. Lectora: revista de dones i textualitat. 14 (Dec. 2010), 219–230.