RUSSIAN LITERARY EMIGRATION OF THE XXth CENTURY (The Poles of Zinaida Gippius’s Worldview)


  • Tamara Gurtueva Universitat de Barcelona



For Russia, XX century appeared extremely complicated, burdened set of a various sort of cataclysms: revolutionary, military, economic, etc. It is thought that attempts to understand their causes and effects will make mainstreams of scientific and public idea of the come century. In the paper, I address to that phenomenon, where the tragedy of the Russian culture of last XX century opens: Russian emigration of the beginning of century. In the center of attention there will be a Russian literary emigration. In work, the methodological approach based on a principle of ‘the uniform block’ will be applied. It enables to track strategy of creative destiny of this, or that writer, dynamics of his creativity by the rather - typological analysis, to reveal those changes, that have taken place in his outlook during the migratory period, and to show, how they were reflected in poetics of his main products.