Cunqueiro in Catalonia: A Model of Intersystemic Relations


  • María Xesús Lama López Universitat de Barcelona



Álvaro Cunqueiro, literary journalism, editorial world, intersystemic relationships, translation


Abstract: Panoramic study on Álvaro Cunqueiro and cunqueirian studies’ contact and exchanges with Catalan culture as a presentation of the context of intercultural relationships in which this monograph falls. The three areas dealt with, in a diverse criticism, are considered to be: personal relationships with Catalan cultural agents, allowing different collaborations and exchanges; professional relationships with the editorial and journalistic world, launching his work on the Spanish market; and repertorial relationships, shown in translations or in literary criticisms, made by the author of his own readings.


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Lama López, M. X. (2012). Cunqueiro in Catalonia: A Model of Intersystemic Relations. Abriu: Estudos De Textualidade Do Brasil, Galicia E Portugal, (1), 9–20.