No. 3 (2014): Noir and Criminal: Favela Novels and Other Fractured Genres

Abriu 3

Elena Losada Soler (issue editor)


The third issue of Abriu, the international scientific journal edited by Estudis Gallecs i Portuguesos, Universitat de Barcelona (Galician and Portuguese Studies, University of Barcelona) includes the monograph “Noir and Criminal: Favela Novels and Other Fractured Genres”, edited by Elena Losada Soler. The monograph includes studies of well-known writers of detective and noir fiction, particularly in Brazil, and also explores hybrid forms such as the “favela novel” and the crime novel as bildungsroman. The “Miscellany” section collects works on Galician women writers and feminist criticism. Critical analyses of monograph length studies on literature and translation comprise the “Reviews” section. It is published simultaneously in print and electronically, as an e-book (see Publicacions i Edicions de la Universitat de Barcelona).

Published: 2014-10-01