Una Mirada a la Acreditación Institucional en EEUU y la Experiencia en Latinoamérica


  • Sandra Guzmán



Palabras clave:

accreditation, accrediting organizations, assessment, effectiveness, quality, higher education,


This paper aims to present the US accreditation system and share the experience of some Latin American universities accredited by US accrediting organizations.

First, it describes the foundations of US accreditation and the entities guarding the process overtime; the types of accrediting organizations and recognition granted by the US Department of Education and/or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA); as well as the benefits of institutional accreditation by US accrediting organizations, prevalent standards/criteria, and processes. Subsequently, based on interviews and additional information, valuable opinions are presented by some US accrediting organizations and accredited universities, regarding their experience on those processes.