Insights and Remarks on the Biography of Paschal I (817-824) in the Liber Pontificalis

Andrea Antonio Verardi


Through a reinterpretation of the main Frankish and Roman sources useful for the reconstruction of the events related to the ponti cate of Pope Paschal I (817-824), the author proposes the hypothesis that this biography in the Liber Ponti calis was written both to answer some accusations made by opponents of the pope in the city and in the Carolingian world; whether the construction of the gure of Pasquale (monaco but also merciful ruler) may correspond to the characterization that in the same year is also used for the representation of the Emperor Louis the Pious. The author also indicates that inspiration for the rest of the research can promptly analyze these reports in order to clarify the in uences and cultural and ecclesiological implications.


Ludovico Il Pio; Sacro Romano Impero; Papato Altomedievale; Fonti; Biografie storiche

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