Between the images and the text of the De vita et obitu sancti Gulielmi: A portrait of William of Vercelli, founder of Montevergine

Veronica de Duonni


The spirituality of William of Vercelli, founder of the abbey of Montevergine near Avellino, has been de ned only recently. Despite the survival of the manuscript containing his life and miracles (Montevergine, Biblioteca dell’Abbazia, MS 1), it is dif cult to combine this account with the few artistic testimonies. In the miniatures decorating the code, the saint is depicted donning a speci c habit that does not appear in the later tradition of the abbey. In this contribution I will try to clarify the iconography of the saint by combining the hagiographic narration with the images.


Montevergine; Guglielmo da Vercelli; iconography; manuscript; hagiography; Southern Italy

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