Some Remarks for the Study of the ḥiṣn Mirabīṭ (Cabanes, Castelló)

Marta Valls Llorens


This work analyses the medieval fortress of Miravet (Cabanes, Castelló) and its territory. Its goals are therefore to explore the current state of the art in medieval archaeology research for this region and to propose new actions to address the reamining gaps in this field. Written and archaeological sources are here compiled in order to approach this study from a multifocal perspective. In this way, this text aims to establish connections among the research lines followed over the last few decades and, most importantly, to lay the foundations for new efforts so as to develop a better understanding of this stronghold and its possessions. Hopefully, these will crystalise into future archaeological excavations in the site, which will allow a systematic analysis of it.


archaeology; ḥiṣn; Šarq al-Andalus; territory; Miravet; Castellón

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