The Eastern Gallery of the Cloister of the Cathedral of Barcelona: An Approach to the Intervention of Antoni Claperós and Pere Oller

Montserrat Jardí Anguera


The Llibres de l’Obra of the Cathedral of Barcelona reveal that Antoni Claperós and Pere Oller worked in the eastern galleries of the cathedral’s cloister in 1444. On the basis of the stylistic analysis of the sculptures extant in this area we have been able to identify the reliefs that each of them could have carved or, at least, supervised. These stylistic features seem to suggest the participation of sculptors that were close to the circles of both masters and whose work would haved been influenced by them. The aim of the present study is to analyse the scope of the interventions of these two masters while bearing in mind the remarkable number of anonymous sculptors that regularly worked with them according to the available evidence.


Gothic Sculpture; Barcelona; Antoni Claperós; Pere Oller; Francesc Oller; Cloister

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