Book-trailers in Kindergarden and K12 Education: Digital, Comunicative and Literary Competence Through Digital Narratives


  • Noelia Ibarra Rius Universidad de Valencia
  • Josep Ballester Roca



booktrailer, literary education, literacy, Kindergarden and K12 education,


Digital narratives become a useful pedagogical resource for teachers because these narratives catch students attention and fit their interests, and  allow the acquisition and development of diverse skills and competences. In language and literature pedagogy, digital narratives imply a methodological proposal which renews traditional approaches focused on the memorization of authors’ biographies, masterworks, literary movements, and paper as the only possible medium for reading. For this reason, our work is focused on the study of the possibilities of book-trailers for literary and reading education in Kindergarten and K12 education, through the experience of research and innovation conducted with future teachers at the University of Valencia.