Neuroscience in the educational field. Analysis of scientific production and co-words of the term neuroeducation



Understanding how the brain of students works through neuroscience has an impact on fields such as learning, memory, emotion or problem solving in the educational field and is called neuroeducation. The objective of this research has been to analyze the scientific evolution of terms and keywords on neuroeducation from the year 2000 to 2022 in three periods of time, in addition, to know the scientific production of manuscripts, the most relevant documents and authors. The study method used was bibliometric with an analysis of the development in the scientific literature and the database used was Web of Science (WoS). WoS and SciMAT programs were used to extract and analyze data from a total of 1638 manuscripts. The results of the study show how in the periods studied on neuroscience in education the most relevant terms in research have undergone changes over time, but with a relationship of emerging topics such as "school", "ability", "insight" or “motivation”. Finally, a discussion of the results was carried out, which can serve as a turning point for future lines of research in the educational field on neuroeducation.