La fantasía ciberfeminista sobre el placer del <i>cyborg</i>


  • Yvonne Volkart
  • Isabel Clúa Ginés Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona


Cyberfeminism has provided us with a new point of view about technology and new political images related to it. These images work as "foundational myths" for all the people engaged in cyberfeminism. This paper, depicting the "grounding of foundational myths" as something crucial, describes a few female characters performing in different contemporary new media projects and embeds them in their theoretical and literary contexts. The focus lies on the content and meaning of the figurations rather than on technological and medial aspects of the art work. Given the fact that the term cyberfeminism is a highly speculative and mythic term with a vague and blurry meaning and an infectious circulation, the examination of aspects of pleasure of the cyborg is conducted within contexts which are not always directly acknowledged by the various protagonists (authors, theorists, artists, programmers, netizens) as strictly cyberfeminist.




Com citar

Volkart, Y. and Clúa Ginés, I. 2004. La fantasía ciberfeminista sobre el placer del &lt;i&gt;cyborg&lt;/i&gt;. Lectora: revista de dones i textualitat. 10 (Jan. 2004), 85–101.

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