"Terra on arrelar": la construcció de genealogia literària femenina segons Maria-Mercè Marçal


  • Fina Llorca Antolín
  • Isabel Clúa Ginés Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona


In this article, Fina Llorca Antolín talks about the way Maria-Mercè Marçal intended to create a feminine literary genealogy. When Marçal started to publish, she realised how important it is for a writer to establish a literary filiation. Since there seemed to be only such a filiation among male catalan writers, she started to look for connections with other women who wrote in her language. The writer of this article has analyzed in what way Marçal made her connection to other women writers visible and divided her findings into three groups: her poetic work, theoretical reflection and practical activities and proyects. Llorca Antolín gives examples of each category and shows that it´s in the interviews and declarations to the press where we find the thickness of Marçal´s thoughts on the subject.