Dolores Medio ahuyenta las mariposas negras


  • Anne Marie Poelen


The article shows why Dolores Medio in her days would have been considered “una chica rara”, analysing three novels of hers which are an excellent reflection of the social, cultural and historical context in which they were written. With these novels Medio tried to make people aware of the injustices that were taking place in the patriarcal in which she lived and wrote. The protest is subtle but tangible, both on a thematic and stylistic level. Dolores Medio proves to have been a strong, independent individual, unlike all but one of the main characters in her literary work.




Com citar

Poelen, A.M. 2004. Dolores Medio ahuyenta las mariposas negras. Lectora: revista de dones i textualitat. 10 (Jan. 2004), 393–402.