Esquizofrenia en "Lúnula y Violeta". El crecimiento caprichoso del doble


  • Anne Marie Poelen


This article focuses on the “neofantastic” characteristics of this text by Cristina Fernández Cubas and situates it in the context of the Spanish political transition. The text shows the extraordinary capability of the Catalan writer to create a fascinating and threathening atmosphere which provokes an oppresive sensation in its readers, using a very suggestive vocabulary and unusual combinations of nouns and adjectives. The author leaves us in the dark about the final destruction of the schizophrenic main character. We do not know whether it is caused by supernatural events or if the ignorant and hostile environment is responsable. Nevertheless, the writer´s intentions to criticise modern western, patriarchal, society are clear and her text offers an alternative to the dominant male discourse, giving voice to the unexplicable.




Com citar

Poelen, A.M. 2005. Esquizofrenia en "Lúnula y Violeta". El crecimiento caprichoso del doble. Lectora: revista de dones i textualitat. 11 (Jan. 2005), 235–247.