• Call for Papers - Special Topic: Gastronomy tourism: new trends, realities and pathways for the future


    Special Topic

    Gastronomy tourism: new trends, realities and pathways for the future

    Call for Papers Deadline: 31 May 2023

    According to World Tourism Organization (WTO) “gastronomy and wine tourism represents an opportunity to revitalize and diversify tourism, promote local economic development, involve many different professional sectors and bring new uses to the primary sector”. In this regard, gastronomy and wine tourism might contribute to promoting destinations, preserving local traditions and diversities, and harnessing and rewarding authenticity. These guidelines and recognition have stimulated many countries, regions, and cities in the last decade to look for gastronomy as the main resource to be valorized within tourism.

    This issue’s special topic on gastronomy tourism departs from the assumption that destinations and tourism companies have been willing to embrace gastronomy for tourism purposes. Therefore, gastronomy can become a way to value intangible cultural elements linked to the destination and its population. This valorization has been increasingly demanded by tourists since the COVID-19 pandemic.

    As such, this issue aims to publish current and innovative academic research that critically discusses and focuses on the links between gastronomy tourism and cultural heritage.

    Moreover, it also focuses on the challenges, and opportunities surrounding new gastronomy tourism demands and the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, it aims to include research work that reflects on the close relationship between gastronomy, cultural heritage, and innovation in tourism companies and destinations.


    Topics for consideration include, but are not limited to:

    • The development of gastronomy tourism linked to intangible heritage attractions and events
    • The marketing of gastronomy tourism
    • The use of gastronomy brands for tourism promotion
    • Specific fields of gastronomy tourism, such as:
      • Gastrodiplomacy
      • Wine tourism
    • Innovations in gastronomy tourism by companies and destinations
    • Post-Pandemic trends in gastronomy tourism
    • Contribution of food tourism to sustainable tourism development
    • Future of gastronomy tourism: forms, processes and meanings
    • Fiction, virtuality and film in gastronomy tourism
    • Future research paths in gastronomy tourism

    Submission guidelines:

    All manuscripts will be refereed.

    Guest editors:

    Maria del Pilar Leal L. (

    Emma Pla (


    Note: We take this opportunity to remind you that the call for off-topic manuscripts for Tourism & Heritage Journal is permanently open throughout the year.

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