El uso de combinaciones de palabras con <em>que</em> en un corpus de aprendices suecos de español como lengua extranjera


  • Aymé Pino Rodríguez




Previous research in phraseological studies has approached the difficulties that learners of foreign and second languages have to produce word combinations derived from idiomatic- or phraseological principles. Using the theoretical framework of Sinclair’s idiom principle and applying a corpus-based methodological approach to contrastive linguistics and the study of interlanguage, I have analyzed the use of Spanish word sequences by Swedish learners. I argue that Swedish learners of Spanish as a Foreign Language overuse different word combinations due to mother tongue influence (Swedish), and as a consequence of different accommodation strategies in their interlanguage. The differences in function and frequency of use of these combinations decrease proportionally with the development of learners’ knowledge and skills in the target language.

Biografia de l'autor/a

Aymé Pino Rodríguez








Tesis doctorals llegides a la Facultat de Filologia de la Universitat de Barcelona (2012)