Redemocratization and public space in Porto Alegre: the urban space project - space art


  • José Francisco Alves "Atelier Livre da Prefeitura de Porto Alegre"


City of Porto Alegre, Public Art, Contemporary Art, Space Project Urban - Art Space, Public Cultural Management


The article discusses the public art project Urban Space / Art Space, that was carried out in the city of Porto Alegre following the democratization of the country, with the return of democractic elections for mayor of the state capitals in 1985. The characteristic that marked the public art in the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, with the democratization of the country, was the presence of contemporary art in the urban space, by open calls to artists, in order to provide the urban landscape the cultural status and providing access to new artistic languages to the population.



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Alves, José Francisco. 2012. “Redemocratization and Public Space in Porto Alegre: The Urban Space Project - Space Art”. On the W@terfront, no. 21 (March):77-81.