The street is ours: the mural painting of the plastic collective of Zaragoza during the transition


  • Mª Luisa Grau Tello "Universidad de Zaragoza"


Mural painting, Saragossa, neighborhoods, community arts


The spanish transition to democracy was connected with the appearance of mural painting in the urban space, that play a main role in the freedom of expression for political parties and citizens. The Colectivo Plástico de Zaragoza led this activity in Saragossa in collaborationwith the city’s neighborhoods, that voiced its demands through these murals paintings.



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Grau Tello, Mª Luisa. 2012. “The Street Is Ours: The Mural Painting of the Plastic Collective of Zaragoza During the Transition”. On the W@terfront, no. 22 (April):7-24.