The impact, in the city of Berlin, of the reconstruction proposals formulated after World War II


  • Mónica Vázquez Astorga "Universidad de Zaragoza"


World War II, 20th century german architecture, the reconstruction of Berlin, urban development of Berlin, urban areas


The following extract focusses on the panorama Berlin (Germany) underwent after World War II, especially on its reconstruction. Berlin was one of the cities hardest hit by this worldwide conflict. After World War II architects and urban planners were very uncertain about the city’s future development and about how to approach the city’s architectural heritage. Therefore, the aim of this project is to analyse the various reconstruction initiatives which architects and urban planners carried out with different critieria both in the Eastern and Western areas of Berlin. Ever since, the relentless urban transformation of Berlin has taken place taking into account the fact it was a city involved in an important historical period of transition.



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Vázquez Astorga, Mónica. 2012. “The Impact, in the City of Berlin, of the Reconstruction Proposals Formulated After World War II”. On the W@terfront, no. 22 (April):71-88.