• Mariana López Pascual "Universitat de Barcelona"
  • Sandra Díaz "Universitat de Barcelona"


Eco-Industrial State, Public Space, Urban Design


The Eco-Industrial State is an urban de sign project with a philosophy that from the first drawings had revolved around the search for a greater social and urban cohesion between Baró de Viver and Bon Pastor's neighbourhoods. These neighbourhoods are physically separated by the Industrial State on and this is why this project focuses its efforts on targeted interventions in public space, such as the extension of sidewalks in order to improve the quality of life of pedestrians and thus ensure accessibility to the citv, and a nice, dignified and safe environment.
Interventions on the sidewalks have a new trees replanting, and this is important to embellish the urban landscape, they provide shade and clean the air contaminants. What characterizes this urban design is the Eco-Friendly theme. For meet, this objective there are several strategies proposed as a photocatalytic pavement in the public space. This material can transform the gaseous pollutants that are always present in urban areas in safe products for human health and the do not have any influence the environment. This will be accompanied by a series of ecological urban furniture and the urban lighting is from LED technology and solar energy. In terms the active participation of private sector in the project is important to work with them to get involved, and hope they will make some important decisions of ma king treatments or coating their facades.
The facades will become aesthetically pleasing for the public space or such with the installation of a new technology of a photovoltaic-glass with transparency that can be used for windows or displays. A social program of artistic murals will accompany this with the aim for awareness on environmental protection. This is a project seeks to intervene in the public space, inviting the private sector for the economic investment and nurture to gives neighbours and all Barcelona's citizens a new and attractive image of this Industrial State



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