• Hoda Kanami Moghadam "Shahid Beheshti University,Tehran,Iran"

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Iran, Public Art


Despite European cities with a long history in public art -such as the city of Rome with numerous sculptures in it’s urban spacespublic art in Iranian cities is recently going to be developed and new movements are being seen. After a long time with nonsculpture urban spaces-because of some islamic religious beliefs-the new Sculpture gardens , the sculptures which are being installed daily in Iranian cities, the amount of art orders by municipatities, Tehran international sculpture symposium , Site specific public art in shiraz, children wallpainting with the help of artists in Kerman….all these events together show this movement in the cities of Iran. This paper discusses main issues of this movement and presents some of it’s well done works.It is structured as follows . first, investigates changes throughout the time which took place in the viewpoints about the artforms with the focuse on sculpture ; second , talks about obstacles; third, the cultural ,political and bureaucratic context in connection with public art in Iranian cities are considereds; fourth , suggests the relations between place,people and public Art and argues the importance of having in hand guidelines and principles for public art project and process in Iran; Fifth,introduces precisely a wide range of activities that can be defined as public art and then presents conventional definition of public art in Iranian citie’s and artforms which have become so common there; sixth , three main governmental sectors who order and support and implement public art projects are introduced ;seventh , speaks about the optimistic future of the public art in Iranian cities and some of endevours in this filed are considered;In the conclusion ,some points which are nessesary to be taken into consideration for Iran’s public art development are suggested.This paper carried out by the present situation analysis as well as interviews with Teharan municipality key officers , art council members and artists.



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Kanami Moghadam, Hoda. 2008. “IRANIAN CITIES PUBLIC ART MOVEMENT”. on the w@terfront. Public Art.Urban Design.Civic Participation.Urban Regeneration, no. 11 (October):119-29.