Generoaren eragina oinarrizko emozioetan


  • Iñaki Gaminde Terraza
  • Urtza Garay Rui
  • Aintzane Etxebarria Lejarreta
  • Asier Romero Andonegui


Paraules clau:

Gender, identity, acoustic features, voice quality, emotions


Only by understanding gender as behavior and not as biological characteristic, it can be said that gender is attached to identity, and because of this bond the concept of gender identity is arised to a concept that has language, history and culture features. In the current paper acoustic and voice quality features related to language have been examined in the communication of emotions. For this purpose, surveys were made to 136 informants who were selected from South Basque Country, and all in all a corpus formed by 408 sentences was collected. These informants were told to repeat a semantically neutral sentence in their own language variety by simulating basic emotions. One of the results of this study, among others, shows statistically that the general use of voice quality is significantly different between two genders when emotions are being expressed.


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Com citar

Gaminde Terraza, I., Garay Rui, U., Etxebarria Lejarreta, A., & Romero Andonegui, A. (2023). Generoaren eragina oinarrizko emozioetan. Anuari De Filologia. Estudis De Lingüística, 6, 1–26.