Databases for quality or impact assessment


Carhus    plus


Project developed by AGAUR (Generalitat de Catalunya). It evaluates Social Sciences and Humanities journals (local, national and international). The classification is reviewed periodically.



It offers bibliographic data from Humanities and Social Sciences journals in any language, after passing an evaluation process in which many indicators of editorial quality are analysed.







It integrates quality indicators for the Spanish journals of Social Sciences and Humanities.




It aims at disseminating bibliographic information on the publications produced in Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal to make them accessible and raise their quality level.



It measures quantitatively the visibility of periodicals in Social Sciences based on their presence in different types of databases. It gathers key information for journal identification and evaluation.



It assesses the quality of journals taking into account: the presence of authors not linked to the publisher, the external evaluation of the manuscripts, or which are the databases that disseminate the journal, among other parameters. Last updated: 2 0 1 3




Elsevier's Scopus is the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature: scientific journals, books and conference proceedings. Multidisciplinary database which collects almost 16,000 publications of about 4,000 international publisher.







Database produced by the Modern Language Association. It collects citations of articles on linguistics, modern languages, literature and folklore from around the world (since 1926).











Directory of Spanish Translation Studies journals. It evaluates the quality indicators and impact of the journals.




Bibliographic databases


Database containing bibliographic references
of articles published in
Spanish journals in Social Sciences and Humanities.




Spanish bibliography of Interpreting and Translation of journals, books, book chapters, dissertations...



Open access journal portals


Open access journals directory.                  


 Catalan Open Access Journals




Open access academics resources directory. ROAD provides
free access to a subset of the ISSN Registry.




  width=   Dulcinea  Exploitation rights and permissions for self-archiving of Spanish scientific journals.                   


   Dialnet  Plus     Hispanic Scientific Literature Bibliographic Portal