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Fourth Biannual Conference of ATISA (American Translation and Interpreting Studies Association) "Meeting at the Border: Profile of the Language Mediator"
April 3-5, 2008 atUniversity ofTexas atEl Paso.

The American Translation and Interpreting Studies Association (ATISA)
invites you to attend the fourth ATISA Conference, "Meeting at the
Border: Profile of the Language Mediator." The conference will be held
at the University of Texas-El PasoApril 3-5, 2008.



En la Universidad de Barcelona (Facultad de Filología) se ha celebrado el Seminario Internacional de Especialización “Traducir la diferencia”, del 18 al 20 de abril de 2007.



International Conference: "Languages and Cultures in Contact",Herceg Novi,Montenegro,September 16 - 18, 2007.

The Institute of Foreign Languages, University of Montenegro, organizes the second conference on intercultural communication entitled "Languages and Cultures in Contact". The conference is aimed at bringing together theories and practices, linguistic research, translation practices, pedagogical principles and teaching experience in introducing intercultural communication in the teaching/learning process and literature as a means of promoting Intercultural communication.
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