• Helga von Breymann "Universidad Politécnica de Madrid / Universidad de Costa Rica"


sense of community, neighborhood decay, factor analysis, public space, urban planning


The investigation carried out at the multicultural neighborhood Embajadores, in the historical center of Madrid, established a series of relations between variables linked with the concept of a sense of community. This investigation is based on a geographical community and the use of urban spaces. The understanding of this relationship is essential in urban planning, in order to incorporate adequate tools for urban rehabilitation processes. This study, based on prior fieldwork, is based on data obtained from 397 respondents during a survey conducted within the neighborhood, and subsequently analyzed with statistical instruments.
A Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) supported the elaboration of the constructs, which, together with other variables, were later on examined for Pearson’s correlations, T tests and regressions. The results obtained revealed that some aspects of perception around security, neighborhood decay, and pride have a significant impact on feelings of satisfaction in neighborhood and community atmosphere on the individual.
Also, these relations showed the influence that some variables have over the patterns of use of the neighborhood, and its public spaces, thus allowing us to understand the importance of considering those aspects for urban rehabilitation projects.



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von Breymann, Helga. 2013. “FEELINGS TOWARDS COMMUNITY IN URBAN REHABILITATION”. On the W@terfront, no. 28 (December):97-116. https://revistes.ub.edu/index.php/waterfront/article/view/18850.